The Idea of Death

3 04 2011

Sometimes, I thinks about death, well..not in a bad way. I mean in my perspective  , it’s the same things like I’m thinking about life , about love , about hate , about foods , it’s just the concept or the idea and nothing more.

My friend told me that it’s a horrible things to think about death, but i think is the other way around, it would be ridiculous not to think about it when you were alive.

I mean the only time you could think about death , it’s when you were still alive, right ??? i don’t think when we were dead , we would thinks about it anymore , since we already there… what’s the point.

Death is an accessory of life , just like life is an attachment to death. The ideal truth is that you could not have one without the sequential or pre-sequential of the other ,

It’s true that Life is being introduce to us first, that’s why we are fond of it.. or un-fond of  it.

And Death is being introduce to us last, due to one way policy i guess , I mean there is no reverse cycle on this atleast not that i knew of .

So what is the idea of death ?

The end of  life ? The green reaper stuff? Final destination ? The bridge to another world ?

Or maybe just a big blank spot that could not be answer by any living people , atleast for now.

All that i knew that  as people , we are sometimes  curious , we are sometimes  afraid ,  and sometimes we  just doesn’t really care of it.




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