Could you tell me , where is TAR – TAR ????

16 10 2010

When i were  14 years old  , i read this book that tell a story about a place calls  “Tar – Tar”.

The places located somewhere in the middle of the Asian ‘s desert ,when night comes it freeze like hell and during the day the sun just shine like a fire.

It’s just unpleasant and totally chaotic, that sadly just  like many  “real” places in this world.

But in  “Tar-Tar” there is hope,  and hope is what make the story start and ends.

Hope of a man that try  to  find his dream ,  Hope of a woman to search her soul,

They meet and the hope merge and collapse and yet,  even the old hope totally destroyed , a new seeds of hope emerge.

Could you tell me , where is TAR – TAR ?  Because if you don’t , you can always create a new one.

* The image taken from deviantart




One response

15 11 2010

mungkin tar adalah suatu tempat impian dalam proses “menjadi” yang terus menerus ? (asal ngomong)

hhe, mampir 😀

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