25 09 2010

Lately i have trouble  to sleep. Is not that i can’t sleep at all. But while lying down , i’m trap in such a state.

The state that my brain still  fully aware of my surrounding environment , means i’m not sleep yet, but also too lazy to  get up because my body absolutely tired ,

So I keep closing my eyes, hopefully tired enough to just subconsciously  sleep. Manage to do so in a while, but keep getting up every 15 – 30 minutes , all the suddenly it’s morning already.

When I  get down from my bed, in the morning , my body still so tired , my eyes still so fuzzy and my mind still disoriented. It likes i never sleep at all.




2 responses

6 10 2010

nice post….salam kenal….check it out blog saya

16 10 2010

thanks harri

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