Socialize Hurts

12 09 2010

Socialize Hurts , it Hurts Hurts …it Hurts!!!

God I hate it so much. Meeting new people is killing me. Pretend that i’m interesting what they think, what they do , what they said …please… I don’t even know you ( How can i  be  interesting in things you do..if  I DON’T KNOW  WHO THE HELL ARE YOU !!!!)

But nothing beats of the psychological painfully in socialize with an acquaintance . You know an acquaintance, someone that you basically meets ( once in a while )  just because you happen to be in the same neighborhood , or work environment or school habituation..whatever. But all u know about him or her is their names ( and sometimes you even forgot about this ),

And suddenly , BOommm , there they are , speaks to  you like an old friend , and the only things that cross in your mind is Oh My GOd ..OhMY God .. what is this freaking person name.

But sometimes, if you get lucky, i mean really lucky , this excruciating painfull process will get you a friend that eventually become your best friends and maybe more …, he or she will be there comforting you for your  next  new painfully episode of socialize gathering.

The image taken from : gkwan




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