11 09 2010

September 11, 2010

As i gazed to the empty night, recording all the things that have pass by recently.

It occurred to me that there is some news and some  bullshit  that i like to share on my blog.

One : My friends is finally going to get married before the end of this year.

Two: I’m finally going to go home, three months from now.

Three: There is a big probability that the world going to end soon.

Four: I’m still freaking-ly don’t know  what im going to do a year from now.

Five : I still believe that soul mate does exist , and hopefully before the world end , I’m going to find one.

Six: I’m getting more bitter and bitter everyday,

Seven: Is it possible for someone to just evaporate and disappear ?

Eight: It’s 2 AM in the morning, I’m tired , sleepy , and even tough  i know is not healthy to write a blog in this condition , I ‘m still writing it.

Nine: ……..

Ten : It’s doesn’t matter anymore.




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