Why I don’t Drink..

31 07 2010

Mexican have a rich culture. Not only their pyramids and civilization history is amazing, but they have …..Tequila and  cheap beer .

Before i go here, my mom , one night call me and make me promise to never ever touch alcohol !! like ever …like if  She  ever found out that I were drunk in HERE or ANY PLACES , I  don’t NEED to bother to go home  😀

So every time i was invited to a party , karaoke , cantineera ( kinda like a bar but not really ) , all that i order is refresco , that means fanta, cola or pepsi or aqua de naraja ( orange drinks )

As and adult , 27 years old , sitting in a party drinking cola , is a bit “out of places ” in here. And everytime , my college see that , they offer me  to drink , i say no with different silly reasons.

The first time , i said , no , my mom doesn’t like me drinking ( although is honest, is kinda stupid and make them even more passionate to make me drinks )

The second time , i said no , i ‘m driving ( is also stupid because they know i dont have a car )

The third time , i said , no , i don’t drink ( and they answer , what… u dont drink ?? but people drink *lol*)

Mostly , people who sees me not drinking , said that , u must try , u an adult , feel the experience and stuff.

Honestly speaking, even though i never drunk , but i know how it’s taste and i don’t like it.

And turns out , this is what people want to hear–>  no , i don’t drink because i don’t like it .

Like i said before , Mexican have a rich culture, if you don’t  want to do something because u don’t like it and giving a straight answer for it , they understand  it ,

To whom who don’t understand this , well … its’ usually comes from a certain people who their opinion is not my mainly concern ( in short terms , i don’t Freaking Care about it )

You know, it’s amaze me, being here, far from everybody that i know , makes me feel more good about myself , it’s like i finally found myself and like myself, and for once , whatever i do , i do it because  i really want to do it  , and for now  i try to  stop caring for other people minds ,  and start to listen for my own.

Here it goes…

Hi I’m Indah,  currently i don’t date , i don’t drink coffe , I don’t drink alcohol and i like to stay at home  once in a week , not because i don’t enjoy live but because i enjoy being me. And me said, for now, give me time to learn myself.




One response

4 08 2010

see….life is good isn’t it???
just do what you have to do, and say what you have to say..
express yourself !! 😀

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