What happen in Mexico ?

16 05 2010

Apa yang terjadi di Mexico ? hmmm i would said ‘nada’ alias nothing 😀 for my personal life.

But the world just not spinning around me , so . … here it goes.

Aku punya temen cowok asal India bernama “Dus” dan temen cewek asal Mexico bernama “Ruth”.

We play alot, you can said that they are my best friend.

Along the days, something happen between them 😀 And now , as u all now, i become ” obat nyamuk ” again.

They like to invite me to go together with them, but it’s not fun seeing other people dating 😦  ( especially when your single and alone in a foreign country, and all you’ve  got is two friends who dating each other 😀 )

Even though they have an on – off and very unclear relationship, that each of them keep on denial mode whenever i ask , do they really dating ? , but action speaks for itself , so now i kinda in a mode ” giving them the time and space to be alone ” .

I don’t wanna to become “obat nyamuk” and i don’t like to be alone ,

I don’t like to meddling on other people romance or other people business,

Hmm what should i do ? should i finding a new friend  to play with ?

I’m happy if they become a couple, but i kinda sad when they leave me alone in there world , even when they were together with me.

Yeah, that’s life . The wold really doesn’t spin around me, but when it’s spin ,  i feel the effect. But both of them are my best friend that i love and adore , so chayooo to myself and i have to stop being selfish !!!!

* update :

They are going to get married in 31 st of October this year . Congratss guys, tears , laugh and love , i’m so happy for both of you.

And can’t wait till you guys provide me with a new niece or nephew he he :p




One response

9 06 2010

jalan2 atuh neng, kenalan sana sini 😀 jangan ngetem di kos muluuuuu, KELUAAAAARR dari GOAAAAA!!!

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