I Hate….. Morning Flight

23 02 2010

As a consultant, i travel a lot. So traveling is kinda like my second live. Today in Jakarta, next day in Bandung, next next day in Padang, then jakarta again, etc etc. It’s like unbreakable cycle of  my life. Although, until now i still travel locally ( only around area in Indonesia ). But hey …. it’s not where you travel that count , it’s …. it’s….. whatever 😀

Anyway, the things i hate the most from this traveling ritual is …..”THE MORNING FLIGHT”

yup, that’s it. You know , whenever i have to take the morning flight this things happens :

1. Unable to sleep.

Yup , whenever my flight schedule is around 5:40 am – 6.10 am in the morning, means i have to to wake up at 3:30 am, take a taxi to the nearest pool of airport bus, waiting around 15 minutes for the bus to start moving , take  45 minutes until an hour  until the bus get to the airport, then check-in ..then bla bla bla.

In order to wake up @ 3:30 am, i must do the following ritual :

packing at 10:00 pm the day before, set the alarm for 3:15 am , lay down in my bed, remembering some stuff that i forget to pack, get down from my bed, searching for the stuff  i forgot to pack, packing the damn stuff, reset the alarm become 3:25 am ( because i need extra time for my sleep after repacking the damn stuff ),  get to the bed, get off from the bed again to put the damn alarm close to me, get up from the bed recheck the booking code for the flight, rest the alarm become 3:15 am again because i remembering i always need 10 minutes before i regain my full conscience after waking up from my sleep. And…suddenly it’s already 2 am in the morning…and i thought it’s more effectively if i just skip the whole “sleep” activity.

2. Grumpy in the morning

Yep, unable to sleep make me the most bitchy..grumpiest women in the whole world. In that entire day, the present of another human being  just become unbearable to me.

3.Dizzy …sleepy…. but the most troublesome is… that is just  not comfortably to sleep on the bench of an ‘economical  ‘ plane  ( no matter how hard i try, i just can’t put my head in the right position ) , and you can’t sleep in the client  office either( well… sometimes you can …it’s really depend on the situation…and how bad you wanna sleep 😛 )

4. Not productive.

Lack of sleep make my brain could not supply enough oxygen to think .

So that’s why … I hate” The Morning flight “:D




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