Fish in Aquarium

11 11 2009

I feel like a fish in aquarium. Starring outside with jealousy . Feel so inadequate , could not break my aquarium glass, it’s so thick , it’s so heavy.

No matter how hard i try, outside world is a dream , i’m trapped here, somebody please break my aquarium…

Let me out of here…

One day , A cat comes along , speaks to me about my aquarium, how dirty is my aquarium , how tiny is my world , pledge me to go out and have fun.

The cat said : ” let me help you ”

Three days have pass on..

I’m still the same fish in the same aquarium, what about the cat ?

Well he Can GO TO HELL ……  I maybe just a fish in aquarium , but atleast I ‘m not a STUPID FISH in aquarium,

see the different ??? 😀 😀 😀





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