The things that hurt me the most.

26 07 2009

Rethinking of what makes my happy now, makes me realize the things that makes my hurt the most in the past.

So what  hurt me the most?

like the famous quote ,  the things that really hurt you the most, is  not when other people doing bad things to you ( although that would be awful ), but it would hurt more when people  whom you truly  love  stop doing so.

I remember it hurts me so much when my sister and i stop talking to each other for more than 3 years.

I remember the pain that i went through when the people i love said that he couldn’t  love me anymore.

Remembering this , i also discover one true fact along with it , the things that hurt me the most , is also the things that strength me at most.  Within weakness comes power .

We all , in some level , has the ability to heal our selves…it just need some efforts , time and believeness.




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