Untraceable ( 2008 )

1 04 2009

First of all ( I haven’t watch the whole movie yet ) , I will  , as soon as I get back from my office today 😀

I got the  review from here

(contains spoiler )

Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) is a widowed single parent living in a suburban Portland home with her daughter Annie Haskins (Perla Haney-Jardine). By night, she works in the FBI’s cybercrime division with Griffin Dowd (Colin Hanks), fighting identity theft and similar crimes. One night, an anonymous tip leads them to a website called killwithme.com. The site features a streaming video of a kitten being tortured and killed.

After the kitten’s death, killwithme’s webmaster (Joseph Cross) ‘graduates’ to human victims and makes their deaths correlate directly with the number of hits the site receives. At a press conference, the public is urged to avoid killwithme but, as Marsh feared, this only increases the site’s popularity. The videos are recorded in the killer’s basement and his various victims include a helicopter pilot (who is bled to death by injections of anticoagulant), a newscaster (burnt by heat lamps) and Dowd (killed by slowly increasing the concentration of sulfuric acid solution in which he is submerged).

At first it seems the victims were randomly chosen, but this is not the case. The first two victims were chosen because they were part of filming or presenting the suicide of a junior college teacher. The teacher’s unstable, techno-prodigy son, Owen Reilly, broke down and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. When released, he decided to prove a point (that the public is insatiable for the suffering of others), as well as wreak vengeance on those he felt had exploited his father’s tragedy. Dowd was killed because he came close to the truth of who the murderer was. Marsh, who figures this out, is soon targeted as well.

Captured by Reilly, Marsh escapes her death-by-mulcher by swinging out of the way while dangling from the ceiling. She ends up breaking free and gunning down the murderer just as the other police show up, Marsh kills Reilly on his own website. As the film ends, the website receives numerous requests for a video of Reilly’s death.

I will add my own comment  tomorrow  ;p

By the way , I’ve got interesting article from here

The article stated that this movie is an OPEN advertisement of Microsoft Corporation to promote their software .

( i quote the whole article in here without adding anything on it )

Title : Microsoft’s war against Linux has gone too far…….  (by cl4wh4mm3r)

hey you guys out there.does saw the movie called “UNTRACEBLE” ??
if not see it now.
because besides being a good movie this movie is a OPEN advertisement of Microsoft Corporation to promote their softwares.
can you beleive it??
FBI cyber security devition is NOW switched to Windows Vista (most probably an FBI edition).
remember the last time when we saw the fbi cyber security devision’s computers in DIE HARD 4.the computers are running their properitory os & software.but in this movie it is vista.
The agens are using vista in their homes.
OOOH their is a small glimpse of XP too.
and last but not least the microsoft even let us believe that BAD GUY USES LINUX.probably it is the result of their WAR against linux.
i have all the proofs attaches from the screenshots of the movie itself.


vista at fbi office


vista in the fbi office 2


windows in the officer’s mobile too !!


vista in officer’s laptop !!


Xp in officer’s home computer !!


vista again ….


“REMEMBER only Bad guys use vista” – Microsoft.


See the heading of title bar there it is the file system of GNU linux..


“REMEMBER if you use Linux you will get caught” – Microsoft

ist it really funny to see that how microsoft is keen to prove their software…..but you cannot grew taller by benting someones head.

as in reality it is prooved by the movie it self that windows CAN BE HACKED but LINUX IS UNTREACABLE………………….


My comment :” I’m not really a fan of  Linux or Microsoft , to me all the tool ( software ) have it’s own advantages or disadvantages . But lets face it , without competition  there will be no  improvement . More competition , more fast the improvement , means a better software quality for the end user .”

update : already watch the movie , it doesn’t leave much impression for me , maybe because I’ve watch this kinda movie once too many . There just not enough action or thriller or suspension to me , the story is not warm or cold , not romantic , dramatic or horror enough. In the end it’s just ‘plain’ but not in a good way.




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