Moving Out

30 03 2009

On Saturday evening , I’ve packed my things and ready to go. It’s the day when I’m moving to the new place. Everything is ready , but no one is there to help me , strangely all my friends today are ‘occupied’ with something . I’m alone and the day started to rain. It’s rained the whole day. I reach my phone and dial to a friend number , i thought …at least i could talk to someone on the phone and pretend that a friend is here with me, she didn’t pick up the phone , she’s busy. Feeling lonely and neglected by everybody , i started to cry. I cancel the whole moving out plan for that day.
On Sunday morning i try again , still no friend there for me , but it’s okay now . somehow i realize all i need to surpass this moving out phase is my determination , my will … myself .

Later on …., of course with the help of God, everything turn out to be fine 🙂 .

Either it broken heart , separation  or just a moving out phase…sometimes we like to forget , in order to surpass things that painful , uncertain or uneasy   , all we need is to convince ourselves that we can. And everything will turn out to be fine.

And if  it doesn’t work for you , maybe you need to take a break for a day and start to re plan the whole thing again. 😀





One response

1 04 2009

>,< srry couldnt be there

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