27 03 2009

I’m thinking to move from my old place to ‘someplace’ closer to my office. But because i get attached so much with the old one , so it’s kinda hard from me to move. My friends said that I only need to give myself time to get accustomed with the new place , and that everything will be alright as soon as I made up my mind to it.

Every changes worried my a little , ” made up my mind ”  this sentences , somehow  looks a bit  heavy for me .




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27 03 2009

Hei! Keep the head up! It´s sure very difficult to leave the place you like, but you never know.. maybe you´ll like the new place even more! Anyway you always have a choice: you can stay where you are now, or you can try smth else and come back to the old place later if you´ll still miss it too much!
During last 5 years I have had to move very often. Because of my work and study, and now because of my personal life I have moved from one city to another one… from one coutry to another. I haven´t found that perfect place for myself yet, but I hope to settle down soon. It would be nice to have a place called home!
Good luck to you!

27 03 2009

@viktoryian –> thanks , hope you find your ‘home sweet home’ as soon as possible 😀 . and good luck to you too.

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