What makes a person attracted to another ?

27 01 2009



Long before love there was an attraction.


To me, attraction is the most dangerous things, because attraction could lead you to the unknown territory .

To be attracted to someone,make you expose yourself first . To be attracted to someone make you vulnerable . To be attracted to someone make you on the hot spot.  The law of the nature said that attraction doesn’t always comes with two direction. You could be very attracted to someone that doesn’t even realize your existence.

But the most things that terrified me is that “it” likely doesn’t last forever . After taking so much risk to be attracted to other , after so much embarrassment , so much exposure , so much energy , your attraction could easily evaporate and fade away.

That freaks me up.


What makes a person attracted to another? is it just a fleshy needs or require a soul interpretation ?


* images from : http://www.lawofattractionteleconference.com/j0408907.jpg




3 responses

28 01 2009

Greeting, nice post you have .
Yea . For me, attraction is dangerous too. It makes me weak and sometimes can’t control my self. But i think that just normal as a human. And to overcome this, just think positive, use your logic and not your emotion 🙂


28 01 2009

to mandaw :
thanks … for the comment. yeah sometimes my logic just doesn’t works 😀

29 01 2009
Maho van Hoorn

I like to attract but nobody attracted (read: trapped).

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