5 01 2009

“For days and days..i felt this pain. This tendency to cry.. this stupid urge to grieve on something i wasn’t sure about ”

” What is it ? what is this pain? where is it comes from ? ”

“My agony doesn’t have a name, it  have it’s own nature…it have it’s own  character …it’s uniqe ”

” Nor I or It’s control each other.. there  always this thin glass between us, I imagine myself  locked inside a crystal box and then  burried in a snow , though I feel the cold … I’m  shivering and maybe my death  will happen because of it’s ..but I know for the rest of my  live ..I will never touch the snow…I’m  always in my friggin box. The same logic i now understain …though forever feeling  cold… i will never understain the snow that cause it…and that eventually will cost me a bigger agony ”

“Even so .. i know  my agony has pride …soon it will know that I am worthless even for an agony to stay…”




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